About Tending the Light

This is one of the historic lighthouses on Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Its job was to stand watch on the coastline, warning ships of dangerous shoals and guiding them to safety.  You would think that its white tower by day and its bright light by night would be sufficient to save many ships, and you’d be right – mostly.

But the white tower doesn’t stay white indefinitely.  Time and weather, wind and rain take their toll on the finish of the tower until eventually paint fades and chips and the tower is less white and bright that before, and it’s harder for the ship captains to see it.

And somebody needs to clean the lens of the light, and the windows at the top, so that the light can shine brightly out into the night and the storm. And somebody needs to make sure all the systems are working properly, and they have to do this all all the time.  The lighthouse tender would go back and forth along this boardwalk every day, making sure that his charge was in the best condition possible to do its important job.

Tending the Light posts at The Basin and Towel are about the kinds of things you or I might do to take care of ourselves, so that we can take care of others.  They’re about self-care, time off, hobbies, fun, deep reflection, gentle activities, and whatever we might need for ourselves so that we can be most effective for others.

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