Terry Wardle talks about DUCK theology and DANCE theology.

DUCK theology goes like this:

  • God is angry because we have sinned.
  • God’s holiness compels Him to pour out His wrath on us; i.e., God is against us.
  • Jesus comes to stand in the way of God’s wrath and to absorb it all like a lighting rod.

In other words,

  • you are Damned,
  • you are Unloved,
  • you are Corrupt, and
  • God wants to Kick you to the curb (= DUCK).

Then He asked the question, “Or was the coming of Christ aimed at us, the great gift from the Father given to destroy everything that stands in the way of entering the fullness of His love and embrace?”

This is DANCE theology.  In other words,

Jesus comes to the cross so that we can fully enter the love of God that we could never enter on our own.  That is,

  • He Delights in you,
  • He Adores you and accepts you,
  • He wants to Nurture you,
  • He Cherishes you,
  • He wants to Encourage and Embrace you and Extend to you the treasures of His kingdom (=DANCE).

So it occurred to me that DANCE theology is when Jesus says to the woman at the well, “I will give you so much living water that you will never thirst again,” whereas DUCK theology is when God says to Noah “I will give the world so much water it will drown the earth.”  People get stuck on the “cruelty of God” when they hear the Noah story and some other Old Testament stories, and maybe it’s because they are DUCK theologians even if they claim not to believe in God.  Whereas the book of Hebrews tells us that now that Jesus has come, everything that God has said in the past is to be filtered and understood through His Son Jesus – and His conversation in John 4 about water is clearly shot through with DANCE theology.

And a further implication of His DANCE theology is that when He and the woman uncover her marital history His offer of living water still stands!