So here was where I saw the Holy Spirit at our District Convention last weekend:

  • In the Sacrament of Holy Communion, as delegates and friends gathered around the forgiveness of sins in that wonderful meal of Jesus
  • In the reunions of old friends and acquaintances, called together again by the Spirit who calls together the whole church on earth
  • In His creation of new community with the addition of new people who’ve never been to one of our conventions, like our own lay delegate who not only learned about the business of the District but quickly made friends with a number of people she’s never met
  • In worship, in meals, in business, in committee meetings . . .
  • In the traditional Slovak worship service.  We almost always have one at our conventions, at least for auld lang syne, even though few of our folks speak Slovak anymore.  I don’t myself, although I can sing it and follow the liturgy.  Still, even the presence of those who don’t have a clue in that service alongside those who are still fluent models the work of the Spirit in bringing the whole Church on earth together around Jesus, centered in His Word, celebrating His Sacrament together in love.  And the insight from one of my totally non-Slovak speaking brothers that now he could understand a bit of what tiny children in English worship services might feel like, as they have no understanding of what is going on – an insight which may  help several of us look at our worship services in a new light.
  • In the “mutual conversation and consolation” of the brothers and sisters in Christ, in a District in which we truly are not enemies with one another but friends, coworkers in the Gospel, and beloved in the Lord.

Yes, the Holy Spirit was there with us.  Thank You, Spirit, for all Your presence throughout the weekend!