Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This past weekend I was at the convention of our SELC District of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod along with other pastors, lay delegates, and friends. We all appreciated the opportunity to connect with other folks in our part of the Body of Christ in fellowship and love, and to work on the mission of the church together – and to have fun together!

For the past 15 years I have been privileged to serve as the Second Vice-President of our District. In that office I’ve been to board meetings, conventions and conferences. I’ve made some presentations and written a few papers. I’ve met with pastors and congregations in a variety of circumstances. In these experiences I hope I have grown personally and professionally.

However, this year I decided not to allow my name to stand for nomination for any of the offices of our District. It’s a decision that has been several years in the making, but it is the right one. Over the last several years I find my heart drawn more and more to the needs of pastors in our District, and my growing desire to minister to them more directly than I could as an officer of the District. For example, two pastors very near to us lost their mothers in this past year, and both these single men were sole caregivers for them – one of these pastors was an only child besides. While they have some support systems around them, they also need the friendship of other pastors. That’s the kind of ministry I’m talking about.

So although I will not be serving our District in any official capacity at this time, I plan to work more closely and intently with our pastors. I am already doing so with some other folks through the ministry of the Institute for Formational Prayer at Ashland Seminary, and this step will make this ministry to the pastors of our District more intentional.

In the Name of Jesus and in His service,

Chris Cahill