Last year (see “Highlight”, March 24, 2011) I posted a note about a chickadee that came right up to me while I was filling the birdfeeder and just watched me with interest and curiosity for a while.  At that time I commented on the possibility that somehow the Holy Spirit was present in that moment, and I still associate chickadees with Him.

This spring we’ve had a number of chickadees around the feeders, of course, but one in particular is a frequent visitor.  He tends to flutter around our big patio door, tapping on it with his beak and beating on it with his wings.  He sure wants to get into our house, but there’s no way I’m going to let him in because that would definitely not be good for either him or for us.

But that’s the chickadee I’m talking about.  This little drama, repeated again and again for weeks, is causing me to think about my own relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Is there a place in my life where He’s knocking to get in, and I’m not opening to let Him in?  Is it because I think it wouldn’t be good for either of us if He got into that place in my life?  I hope that I’m at the point where I know that it would really be great if I opened all the windows of my life and let the Holy Spirit come into any one He wants, at any time He wants, and do what He wants when He comes in; but I also realize that there are probably places I haven’t yet opened up to Him, places where He’s still knocking and I’ve been ignoring Him or worse, watching Him from the inside without doing anything.

Holy Spirit, show me where you are knocking, and give me the courage to open the windows and let you in!